nexxtep Advantage


nexxtep has built up a wide network of IT, Sales and Online Business professionals over a number of years and, as a client, you have access to our network. Our clients benefit from this in two ways - not only do we deliver exceptionally good candidates but we are able to respond rapidly to your requests.

Professional Expertise

We understand who you are looking for. We can start the search immediately, often without a formal job specification. We understand technologies, systems, architectures and strategies. We can also test candidates on their technical abilities.

By the time you first meet the candidate, we have already ensured that he/she fulfills the necessary technical requirements. This reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person and wasted investment.


We are interested in fostering long-term partnerships. That is why we invest the time and effort needed to find the best candidates for even the most demanding positions.

As a client you can expect to have one point of contact responsible for your recruitment project from beginning to end.

Interpersonal Skills

We also foster long-standing relationships with our candidates. We don’t just know our candidates through their CVs we’ve been part of and contributed to their professional development.

The human side of placing a candidate is incredibly important to us - we test candidates for their adaptability, their motivations and most importantly whether their personality will fit with a company. Recruitment is not just about matching a CV with a job description, to guarante